14 October 2013

Squirrel Story (Warning: Graphic)

We had squirrels in our attic once. We hired a wildlife guy to get rid of them humanely. He hung cages off the eaves with the openings going into whatever tunnel squirrels run in up there. 

All went well at first. A squirrel would get caught in the cage and the guy would come speeding over in his truck and remove it to... well, to wherever. This went on for quite a few squirrels.

Then came an icy rain. That night, a squirrel got trapped in the cage, and huge icy water drops were falling fast and landing right on its head. <plink, plink, plink...>

The squirrel went through many mental and physical changes in the hours before the guy came. It wasn't quite dead when he removed it.

I looked around the neighborhood and people were standing at their windows, watching the squirrel deteriorate, there in the early morning hours. We sensed their strained attitudes toward us long after that.