17 June 2011

Doll Series, #1

I had a Barbie doll and a Tammy doll when I was little.

Tammy was a knock-off Barbie, I realize now. I always felt sorry for Tammy because she had only about half the wardrobe Barbie had. Tammy was a little bigger than Barbie, so Barbie could wear Tammy's clothes and look really great, but Tammy couldn't borrow Barbie's.

I made it up to Tammy by always letting her drive Barbie's car. She and Barbie would go on lots of adventures--like camping--and they had a great time!

I don't know where Ken was at that point. Maybe his hairdresser's?


  1. well... it really didn't matter where Ken went did it?

  2. Aw, you're just trying to suck up to me now.