16 February 2012

My Nemesis, Facebook

Remember my post about how I don't want Asa to be on Facebook, or at the very least not until he's 13? Well . . . 

February 15, 2012

Mass. student Facebook pictures end up on porn site

CHARLTON — State and federal law enforcement authorities are looking into how the pictures of 17 Massachusetts high school students ended up on a pornographic website.

Police in Charlton say it appears the pictures of the fully clothed Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical School students were lifted from their Facebook pages and reproduced on the pornographic website that is based outside the U.S.

The images included town and school signs. [ital mine] 

Police tell the Telegram & Gazette what was most disturbing is that the site had images of child pornography. [ital mine]

Police are urging students to limit access to their Facebook pages.

I'm Alexandria. Fly me.

I can't count the number of times I've read negative news about Facebook privacy and underage safety. To me, it's clear:  Facebook is not for kids. File this under "mindful parenting."

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