06 September 2012

You can ruin an old film plot by adding cell phones to the story.

Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, Peter Lorre

Dr. McKenna, his wife Jo,* and son Hank
on the way to Marrakech.

The pivotal moment is when Doris Day sings Qué Será Será really loudly from the theater stage, and kidnapped son Hank reunites with her by following her voice.

Really really loudly!

It wouldn't have been the same if she'd called or texted him and said, Hank, where are you? Get down here to the theater right this minute!

* This film has one of my all-time favorite lines in it. Doris Day's friends visit and are eager to meet Hank. One exclaims brightly, "Let's hope he has your looks and the doctor's brains!"

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