17 October 2012


One of those rolling, sickening earthquakes. I could see the walls shuddering. And the sound made it worse.

New England reported little or no damage over all, but here in Portland, Maine, there were some signs to be seen:

Postcard La mano poderosa, where it fell during the earthquake. (Location: tapu's kitchen.)

Wall from where La mano poderosa fell. (Location: tapu's kitchen.) X marks the card's original spot.

No injuries have been reported.

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  1. It's weird when you live in the Northeast. You don't expect to feel the ground shaking unless you're walking past a construction site. When I first felt my table wobbling I thought it was my weight on it, until I got up and saw that it was still shaking. Even though the one in 2011 wasn't really much of anything, it was still really unsettling. I can kind of understand why California people were laughing at New Yorkers and Washington D.C. people though. I'm sure for them it probably would have provoked a yawn.