14 May 2011

Calamity Janes vs. Killah Bees! Shoulda been my first clue.

Son and I went to see Roller Derby at the Expo tonight. We heard about it through a lesbian social group, my having been a member for a few years without once attending an activity. (In what sense "member"?)

We got there about 4:30 because it started at 5 and I am always, always early. Very strange how we could just walk in without tickets.... The roller derby babes from both teams were there warming up. Gosh, there sure weren't many spectators, even at 5:00. More warming up. A few more spectators wandered in.

Finally I turned to one of the 8 other people in the bleachers. (Okay, not really 8, but honestly the total was closer to 8 than 80.) And I asked, "What time is this thing supposed to start?" "6:00," she said, dully. Oof.

As an aside, I observed that nearly all the people there looked like they would be valuable additions to any Roller Derby team. My 12-year-old cowered against me. Like I could save him!

So we made it until 6:00, and to their credit things started up right on time. Things, not games. We left after 20 minutes of a butterfly and a cowboy telling us about the raffle prizes. One was a $50 gift certificate at a tattoo parlor. Do people even get tattoos anymore? I mean, you know, people other than Roller Derby babes?

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD7UqK2GZko