29 July 2011

I'm not sure about Canada.

What street is this?  Never mind.  I'm sure it's the King's Something.


Named for the picture of a loon that is on one side of the gold one-dollar Canadian coin, the other side of the loonie shows Queen Elizabeth II, who apart from being Queen of UK, is also Queen of Canada. [???]

I say, 
Get a spine, Canada!


  1. Get a spine? I'm trying but the success of Will and Kate's visit has set back the anti-monarchist movement by decades. :(

  2. You need to publicize the fact that they rushed right away from your outpost and were seen whooping it up in L.A. the next day.

  3. Yes, she is a the Queen of the Commonwealth, of which Canada has been a part of. Historically, we are no longer a member of it, since we gained independence in 1982 with the creation of the Constitution, aka the Canada Act 1982. We still maintain the historical and figurehead connections to the Monarchy but that's about it. All decisions now are primarily through Parliament and the Senate.

  4. I don't know if we sent taxes historically to her. Perhaps at one point during the earlier colonization period but I don't think we ever had taxes that went directly to the Monarchy as they do in England/UK.

  5. Well, good, because otherwise I was going to be mad for you! >;-)

    Good to see you, Your Slinus. ~tap