30 July 2011

The Simplest Crossword Puzzle Ever Devised, by Me

  _ _ _|_|_ _

I came up with this when Asa asked me one day, Could you have a crossword puzzle with no clues? At first I said no, but then I got to thinking about it....  All you need to solve it is what you see in the graphic above. It has only one solution, and there is no "trick" about it that will make you feel, well, tricked. Don't lose your self-worth or anything if you can't see it immediately (or ever). Only one person I've shown it to managed to solve it, and she had the answer the instant she glanced at it. Well before that, I had already classified her as alien to our world.

(My apologies for the rudimentary graphic. I do da werds, not da pitchers. You can bitch about it in the comments, if you like. And speaking of comments, if you know the answer don't give it away...  *crickets*.... Heh, heh, heh.)


  1. chirp chirp chirp. By George, I think I've got it.

  2. still hangin out in the shadows here...smarter than ever cuz i think me solved a puzzle ;)

  3. Hey Fluff! I thought you were mad at me or sumpin'.

    If you think you know the answer to the crossword, then you do. It just works that way.

    Don't be a strangler.