10 August 2011

How they do grow up!

Asa at Airport Security, age 5

OMG, shirts can catch on fire!
TSA Agent: Do you have anything flammable?

Asa:  Well... shirts....

[They took that as a 'no.']

Asa at Airport Security, age 9

Asa and Unnamed Accomplice
TSA Agent:  Do you have any firearms or flammable items?

Asa [sarcastically]:  Oh sure, we have guns.

[I'm surprised they didn't investigate us more thoroughly. They seemed satisfied with listening to me explain that airports weren't the place for sarcasm.]


  1. What is it with you two and air travel? :)

  2. Yeah, I told you, we're Terrors in the Sky!

  3. *laugh* That kid is SO going to get himself in trouble one of these days!!!

  4. Ha ha! He's definitely your son.