25 August 2011

Therapy Comes to the Prairie, #1 in a series

I was thinking, what if you could go back to the late 1800s, on the prairie, and introduce modern  counseling and therapy techniques. . . .

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can affect anyone of any age. To counter these feelings in the winter, try taking brisk walks or pursuing a winter sport like snowshoeing or skiing.

Well, I think, Mr. Thorsteinbladenhoffen, that it's important to ask your wife how she feels about having another child.

While spending time alone can be good, watch out for isolation. If you find yourself isolating, get together with some friends who have your same interests, such as cooking, sewing--even washing clothes. Or, you could start a book group!

Next I'd like us to try some "trust falls." I'll explain these in a moment, but first we need to bring the circle in . . . .

Yes, Mr. Gustaffson, I think anyone can change. So long as you really, really want to.