23 September 2011

Who Doesn't Love SkyMall!

Hey, don't fall.

Imagine having a party where the men dress in tuxedos. People chat, with drinks in hand, on the veranda. (See background.)  Then imagine having two of the men get into human hamster balls. Somehow I doubt that would be as much fun as it seems here.

Some details of note:
•  the price (but you do get two human hamster balls)
•  the "helper" who tops off your bubble (laughing like a jackal all the while)
•  the reassuring fact that your bubble zips closed from the inside (please god, from the inside, god)
•  the weight capacity of 300 lbs (I'd like to see that; or, maybe not) and
•  my favorite line: "Not for use on or near water" (please god, no, not on or near water)

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