01 September 2011

Wanna ride with me? I'll let ya.

Been thinking about Ford model names. Take a look at this list and see if you notice a pattern or theme. I've made some notes....

Ford Escort   what's your first thought?

Fiesta Condoms: "Safety Can Be Fun!"
Ford Probe   nota bene

Ford Fiesta   already an established brand name

Ford Mustang   as in "stallion," or "not castrated"

Ford Pulsar   as in regular or rhythmic pulses

Ford Tempo                     "   "

Ford Contour   "You'll like the way it feels."

Ford Fusion   what you do with your contours

Ford Taurus   bull, as in "intact," or "not castrated"
This is the Wall Street bull.
As in "intact," or "not castrated."

Mercury, a division of Ford, has its related entries:



and this one, too good to be true--