08 October 2011

Bored at Work?

I thought of another thing I've done to lift my spirits and staunch my boredom.  I don't work at this place anymore so I figure I can confess to this. (Like I wouldn't anyway.)


Not so long ago I had this job that absolutely stifled my little spirit. It was pure management and nowhere in the realm of creativity, where I've always fit best.

Our kitchen was much bigger than this. Also, the employees
wore much more casual clothing--not just on Friday either.
Some people wore shorts! (Not management.)
In the kitchen at this job, where probably a hundred people worked, I would hear everyone complain about not having enough flatware available if they took lunch too long after noon.

So I gradually started removing flatware from the kitchen until people were, like, practically screaming about the lack of spoons. I'd hear, "People are taking the forks to their desks and then just leaving them there and now the rest of us can't use them!!" and such.

Is there really a call for this
much specialization??
I had a pretty strong collection by about New Years so when we came back after the first, I started insinuating all the flatware back into the kitchen. I even gathered up an old set or two I had at home and added those in.

The whole office seemed happier within a week and I felt really happy and entertained, too.


I've had many opportunities over the years to doubt the wisdom in making me a manager. When it comes right down to it, I'm why we need management. But this time I think I can say that, ultimately, I had a very positive effect on the workplace.

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