07 January 2012

More Amusing Myself Again Also de Nuevo

Well,CAN you???

You'll recall my earlier Amusing Myself posts about things I've done where.... Wait a minute. I guess you can't recall them if you haven't read them, now can you?

Fine, here's a new one: Sometimes I'll insert or substitute a related but basically incorrect word in a sentence. Just to make people goggle a bit and feel uncertain about what they heard, or in doubt about my mental balance.(And I'm okay with that.)

For example, for The airline was extremely gracious about the layover, I say instead, The airline was extremely gratuitous about the layover. 

Many are oblivious (not dumb—just... well, who really listens in that context?)If they work for the airline they might even thank me. Others take pause and squint and puzzle silently over whether or not they ever really knew that word. 

Here's another example: Thank you so much for recusing the situation. People are like, ... recusing?? Is that right? Shouldn't it be... something else? (I am of course substituting recuse for rectify.)

To expand this little dido, I'll throw in a few words I've made up. (I "coin" a lot.) My objective is to make people think it's a word they don't know but had better be looking up. Or, a word I made up because I am mentally unbalanced. (Again, fine with that...)

In context then: He frinked over the new dress code. And what I mean for frink to mean:

Mass frinking,or
"public frinking"
as it's called.

How about, We can always take it along in a porsel. Let me illustrate:

Not sure yet...
Porsel = food?


Still food, but food
boxed up?
This guy is, I feel, a bit
 too into his porsel. Mm-hmm!

Porsel to go.
This porsel indicates that
your server is on coke. 

But seriously, do they really think
someone wants to walk around 
town after dinner with 
this under their arm??

And then the last one, I promise: He was just taking his time, shouping along. Say it in pictures:

Shouping Off to Buffalo!

Jus' shoupin' around in
the snow, thinkin'.

These are your slippers
on shouping.

Man, spell-check had a complete
nervous breakdown over this post.

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