19 June 2011

Doll Series, #2

Hands down, the strangest, scariest doll I ever got--make that, the strangest, scariest doll ever sold--was Little Miss Noname. I've read that Hasbro discontinued this doll after a few months. No one asks why.

Do you see Little Miss Noname's tear under her left eye?  It was removable, but it left a deep pit in her cheek as though she might have a problem with large pores later in life. Not that it would matter--large pores look to be the least of her burdens. Little Miss Noname was sold as you see her here: unfinished burlap dress with patches, no shoes, lank hair. In case you're hoping those brown saucer eyes with their deep well of sadness would close, nope. She always looked just like that.

Imagine that you are 7 years old,
it's the 1960s, you unwrap a present
under the Christmas tree, and pull
Little Miss Noname out of the box. 

A hush falls over the room. What would you say?


  1. Mommy... call social services for this baby.

  2. I couldn't sleep until someone covered her up or took her out of the bedroom.