21 June 2011

Filial obligation isn't a bad thing.

I am spending 10 days in Ohio, taking care of my elderly father and aunt while the rest of the family goes to the other aunt's funeral.

We went out this afternoon. I walked out with my father, and he got in the car in the front passenger seat. Then I collapsed his scooter and put it into the trunk. Then I walked my aunt out, and she got in the back seat. I collapsed her rolling walker and put it in the back seat, too. Then I drove us to Applebee's.

In the parking lot, I got the scooter out of the trunk, set it up, and got my father from the front seat and onto it. Then I extracted the walker, set it up, and got my aunt out of the back seat and set up with the walker on the sidewalk.

After we'd had dinner, I installed the oldsters and their accoutrements in the car again as detailed before, drove us all
home, and reversed the earlier process
to get them situated in the house.

All told it took about an hour and a half. Not counting the time spent eating.

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