03 June 2011

To Borrow a Phrase from "Glee"

I adore that Adele song/video, "Rolling in the Deep." (If that's really the name of it, then not well-titled, IMO. But otherwise, seriously hot-shit piece of music.)

Now I, tapu, am widely considered, by those who know me well--hell, even barely--for having the gift of appreciation for an extensive array of women's physical types, ranging from thinner to heavier, shorter to taller, younger to older,... on and on.

But I just cannot get past Adele's butt-chin. (I think that's the right term. Isn't that how Sue Sylvester "C's" Shu's?)

I don't know if being judgmental about this makes me a bad person or whatever. I defend myself with the astute but widely misused observation of the human condition that there is no accounting for taste. Still, I feel shallow.

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