14 December 2011

5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me OR "Mine's an Inny"

1.  I can ride a unicycle. 

Now look. How friggin' hokey is that?   ---------------->

No one can look even halfway dignified doing that.  Not even a kid, which I was at the time. I was like this poor kid whose parents got her a unicycle before she was old enough to know it was undignified.

2. For a while, I named all my pets Rudy. 

Here are some of the late Rudies now.   ----------v

    Rudy the Cattledog                    
                                                                        Rudy the Cat                                                                                               

Rudy the Emerald Gartersnake

3.  I can put gel, wax, vaseline, hairspray, olive oil, water, or absolutely nothing on my hair and get the exact same look. 
  This one.  -------------v

Looks better shorter. (I think.)
Longer it's like this:                                                                                                                   

4.   When I first moved to Boston, I took my bike and went on a Boston Strangler Tour. It wasn't an official tour--I made it up and went on my own.

<----------- This building, where Mary Sullivan was killed in 1964, is right on Charles Street. I was amazed to see the amount of foot traffic along here. How could someone not have seen him?? Wouldn't he be covered in blood? Don't google this crime scene unless you can take just about the worst imaginable.

And if that place had a lot of visibility, you should see this place, right on Huntington Ave. --------------------->

This is where Sophie Clark was killed in 1962, in her apartment right above the Shwarama in Boston Shawarma.

Huntington Ave is the main artery across the middle of Boston, east-west. The green line, the 39 bus route, universities, the Museum of Fine Art, all are along this avenue. Thousands of people pass daily. How, again, could someone get in there, do what he did, and not be seen?

I recommend the bike tour.
There is far more to a crime
scene, or any historical site, when
you go there to see it for yourself.


<--- Gary Fisher Marlin.
Oh, yeah.

5.  I used to tell my kids the ice cream truck played music when it ran out of ice cream.


Aw, honey. Maybe next time, huh?

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