06 December 2011

Holiday Exchanges ~ Ho, ho, ho! Ho... ho. Ho...?

Ever been in a Holiday Greeting Card Exchange? I haven't, but I've been able to puzzle it out over time. You send a card to each person in the exchange, and they each send you a card. So with, say, 30 people in on it, you get... let's see... 29 cards!

Now, what to do with 29 cards from people you barely know... I looked it up: Make your kids turn them into art! I know my 12-year-old son loves to hear Mama say, Let's make art together! Oh, yeah, he'd be real excited about...

 a tree sculpture... thing-y


  or maybe this thing-y... thing.

To be enthusiastically honest, I'm crazy for these thing-y things, whatever they are. I'll make them and Asa can just waste his life on Wii games for all I care.

There, ya happy? Ungrateful child who's too hip to make art with Mama anymore. Sharper than a serpent's tooth, you are. 

Where was I? Oh, yeah, holiday exchanges. I have observed that the typical workplace has a Holiday Cookie Exchange (optional). You get a bunch of different cookies. (Like, 29.) But there are times when you're unsure as to what kind of cookie you possess....

Co-worker coerced into Cookie Exchange: Brown... patties, with rocks(?) sticking out...? Maybe this isn't even a cookie. Like, maybe an animal passed by and... ogod, ogod....

But the thing that definitively rules out my involvement in this exchange experience is that I know nothing of the Cookie People beyond what I see in their cubicles. You just blanched, didn't you? Yeah, you know what I mean. I'd have to see their kitchen before I'd ever eat their cookies. The thing skeeves me. I don't do bake sales for the same reasons. You don't even know who the Cookie People are!

My primary reason for posting about this—Sorry, lost sight of it of it there for a spell—was that I've been thinking about how to expand this Holiday Exchange franchise, if you will. See if you like this first idea....

The Holiday Relative Exchange!  
You send the "family albatross" of your choosing to someone else for Xmas eve/day. I bet a bunch of people would sign up for that! Everyone knows it's easier to spend a day with someone else's relative than with your own Great-Aunt Ermagaard, whom you've dreaded spending holidays with for 29 years. I can really see this kind of exchange going places.

Creative presentation of "Holiday Exchange Child." If I were to go for this "under the tree" delivery method, I'd take it further and tie a bow around his neck. Of course, we'll develop many of our own touches as the Holiday Relative Exchange takes off!

 More Holiday Exchange ideas to come!
(Um, we're not signing any contracts, right? I mean, I will give it some thought, but there are only a few more weeks when it will be relevant. If you hit on any ideas, slip them to me and I'll write them up as my own. Thanks.)

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  1. Oh, man, I know what you mean about eating other people's baked goods. You're taking a real risk putting thst stuff in your mouth.