23 March 2012


I found a page on the Maine BMV site where you can try out your license plate ideas and generate little images of them. This is the first one I thought of:

I'm okay with the realization that many could see this and think it was spelled just fine. But I am a little worried that some may recognize the misspelling and think I've done it in error. Just the idea of someone thinking that would make me cringe to the point of having to stop the car. 

I made this one as a helpful warning to others about the potential I have for immediate and deeply corrective reactions to their driving infelicities:

 If I still drove an Audi, I'd probably go for something like:

Of course, if you wanted to make the paradigm shift more directly, and didn't mind people thinking your belly button was like that, you could have:

I'd enjoy this one for its ambiguities:

"Really, if I'd known it was you. . . ."

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