06 March 2012

More Amusing Myself in Everyday Situations

If I'm in a store or restaurant and something goes a little wrong, say they're out of something or I'm displeased by a delay, I'll ask for the owner by name.

So I'm at McDonald's and there's something wrong with the mocha machine. I'll say, No mocha? Oh, my, then I'll want to talk to Mr. McDonald. Is he here now? I'll talk to Ronald if he's not. They're father-son, right? Could you get one of them for me?

Yeah,  I do crazy well. I've been told that it can be a little scary sometimes. Certainly, workers freak when I pull this. 

Another time, I nearly caused a "situation" at a department store when I insisted on talking personally with Mr. Macy. Is Mr. Macy back there? Is this his office? I veered toward a closed stockroom door at the back. Only one security guard accompanied me out, but he told me back-up was on the way. I left peaceably. The idea is not to make trouble, but just to shake things up a little. It amuses me.

   "Yes, hi, we have someone in 
Women's Casual who's asking
 for 'Mr. Macy.' She seems kind of... 
scary. Oh! Now she's in the stock
 room, calling for him."

<Heard in background:
Mr. Macy? May I come in, sir?
 I just want to have a word with you.>

"Mr. Macy.  She's asking for Mr. Macy, as in...?
There is no Mr. Macy."

"Yes. Well. That's why we're
calling. We knew he certainly
wasn't in Women's Casual."

When Asa read this post, he reminded me of when he was 6 and Mariah 8 and we were in a KFC whose adolescent crew had completely lost control of things. I said, Excuse me, is the Colonel here? Does he manage the place on a daily basis, or does he just drop in? I just want to point out to him that you guys could use some help.  Those teenagers' jaws hung open. Asa and Mariah were in stitches.

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