24 March 2012

Overheard in mi barrio

One time, in Boston, I was walking around Jamaica Pond with my dog. (Not Silas. My late cattledog, Rudy. You may recall my dog Rudy—as opposed to my cat Rudy and my gartersnake Rudy—from an earlier posting.) 

So we were walking, Rudy and I, and we saw a woman having trouble with her dog. It was so very not into the walk-to-my-left thing. So this woman was yelling at the dog, at a pretty loud pitch: Goddammit, Chuckles, you stop that! Chuckles! Chuckles! I mean it!

And I thought, Wow, if you're going to yell at your dog like that in public, for sure don't name it Chuckles.

Goddammit, Chuckles, I mean it!

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