19 March 2012

The OH-well

There's this bird I know. (A kind of bird, not just this one bird named Tim or something.) I was aware of this bird's existence for a few years before I found out what he was, which is hard to believe because it turns out he's our state bird, the Black-Capped Chickadee.

I knew him only by his song. He sings, OH-well. Just two notes; equal length; one high, the next lower:  OH-well.

I don't call him a chickadee (stupid name); I call him the OH-well. The OH-well can be useful in daily life, especially if, say, you're having a bad spring. Unfortunate things may happen, your head might feel like it's about to explode, you could be engulfed in the morass, but then you hear this bird sighing, OH-well. 

Some sources, Wikipedia for example, suggest that this bird says bee-bay, or something equally implausible. Bee-bay. <snort> What would he say bee-bay for?

The OH-well usually looks like this:
Good day.

But he can look like this:
Bad day.

I figure it's when he's looking like that second picture that he needs to belt out an OH-well. . . .

There's other birdsong in this recording, including a few different chickadee calls. Just ignore all their chit-chat. The best place to hear the OH-well is at 43+ secs.

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