20 April 2012

Anyone else run into these ads?

Dermatologists Hate Her!
Local Mom goes on killing spree. 
Slaughters dozens of dermatologists. 
Looks decades younger!

Try This One WEIRD TRICK for a 
Flat Tummy!
Don't eat. How's that for weird?
100% Guaranteed—
Your tummy will get flatter!

Yucca, er... maybe that other one is Yucca. Okra?
The "Money Maker"
(Yeah, I got yer money-maker right heah.)

Five Odd Veggies 
That Help You Sleep!
The five odd veggies are...
 Yucca               Okra
Money Maker Eggplant
Elephant Foot Yam

Romanescu Broccoli/Cauliflower.
Make a paste; work into feet. 
What? You thought you had to eat them?

Romanescu Thing
Whichever one that other one wasn't.

Elephant Toe Jam... er, Foot Yam

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