13 April 2012

"Measured Progress"

I used to work for a company called Measured Progress. It produces those state assessments that every student—and quite a number of teachers and parents—hate. But no matter. I want to talk about the name. 

Measured Progress. It's so Puritan: 

Cotton Mather and  Measured Progress
went into town to visit Silence Hill.

Cotton, Measured, and Silence.
Hey, did Cotton Mather's friends
 and family call him just "Cotton"?

Besides... doesn't the phrase "measured progress" already have an established meaning:

The patient is making measured progress 
but she's not out of the woods. 

Taking off from there, I developed some new stationery designs for Measured Progress:

   One Step at a Time

  Don't count us out.
           Trying oh-so hard.


ick with us, c'mon!


Determined not to let you down.

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