08 April 2012

UPDATE: Manson Parole Denied 12th Time

Charles Manson will never, ever be paroled. But not primarily for the concerns the Parole Board and public offer as reasoning. Okay, so Charlie could still be a danger to society. And yes, his death sentence was already reduced to life in prison. However, Manson, and most likely his co-defendants in the Tate-Labianca trial, can never be released under even the tightest parole conditions.

Two reasons:   

1. Charlie wouldn't last a week, maybe not a day, without being assassinated by someone who feels that justice has been delayed; or, by someone who wants the infamy/credit of obliterating the Greatest Monster Ever of the media and pop-culture. Either way, they'd become second to Jack Ruby. Or vice versa.
A Krshna Devotee
set fire to Manson
in prison.
So, the State of California cannot release Manson because it is clear that he faces unreasonably high risk from the public. It's the same reason Manson has never been in gen-pop. As protected as he can be there, several attacks on him have been made and one resulted in his being set on fire by another prisoner. For one reason or another, everyone guns for Manson.

2. The public outcry over parole for Manson would force its revocation long before the release date arrived. Fear and outrage would be so great that there is no question that it will never go through. Parole is a political process: prison officials and parole board members would not expose themselves to such public disapproval, even hatred.

The threat of condemnation by the public is a compelling reason for keeping the "Manson Women" incarcerated, too. Leslie van Houten may be paroled if she makes it to 80 or so, but even then officials could determine that it will cause too big an uproar. Susan Atkins was denied parole up until her death from painful, debilitating cancer.

Susan Atkins

Patricia Krenwinkle
Leslie van Houten

Manson understands the situation he is in—he hasn't attended his parole hearings for the last 15 years. He's been denied 11 times in a row. The "Manson Women" do not, however, seem to understand. They are obviously distraught at their hearings, they present signatures, they list their (numerous and admirable) contributions to the lives of other women, but they are always denied parole. You just can't release the Manson Family.


  1. I've really enjoyed your Manson posts. They been informative and insightful.

  2. ^^ They've been! THEY'VE been!! Argh!!!