14 April 2012

¡Super Flor!

Asa and his doll, Abene
When Asa was, oh, maybe a couple of months old, we were introduced to a woman who had cared for our friends' children. Their kids had grown into daycare and out of needing full-time care at home. With a new baby we agreed to go half time with them.
   Flor came from Guatemala. She spoke very little English, which was fine with me because Asa would learn some Spanish while she was with us. Asa didn't pick up much after all, but my Spanish became polished. Better than when I lived in Mexico. Perq!
   Flor was part of our family for 10 years. She was a grandma to Asa. The photo shows Flor playing with Asa and her granddaughter, Josie, at a water park in Guatemala. We became part of Flor's family, too.
   Asa reminds us about Super Flor's magical abilities. If all we had in the house was oatmeal, baking soda, and half a bottle of vinegar, she could whip up a chicken dinner.
   We moved to Portland, Asa went to school, and though Flor would come up on the bus from Boston to be with us a few days at a time—and to whip up chicken dinners out of magic dust—eventually she got on with a new family in Boston. We haven't seen her for about two years now. Life's so busy. 

Funny how people pass in and out of your life. . . .
I feel like crying.

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