16 April 2012

One of my Top Ten Films of All Time is Bambi

I decided to go to Baxter Woods 
today, it was so nice out....

Not the real me.

At one point I headed off-path. When I was a little way down the side of a ravine, I came upon a baby deer!!!! Bet you thought it was a moose, didn't you?
A baby moose is cute, well, sorta, but
a mama moose gets enraged really easily.

Baby Bambi startled for a second, but he didn't run away. OMG, he was adorable. I pulled out my iPhone and was taking pictures of him, when a dog up on the path started barking.

My little deer friend turned his head back and forth, his eyes wild. He stayed right there with me, but he was definitely revving up for a run. I had to club him on the head a couple of times to get him to hold still for a few more shots. He sure was cute. I'll show you the pix, if you want.

I wish someone would get me a vintage Bambi poster.
I had one but I gave it away.

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