12 May 2012

Historic, courageous, bold, defining...

You know what I'm talking about. Those are the words resounding in the media, at software companies, in coffee shops (high and low) and on the streets to describe President Barack Obama's declaration of support for gay marriage. My son, Asa, gave the 13-year-old's spin on it:  "Sweet."

Sure, sure, there are positive and negative aspects to all this. There are hopes and fears, stunned admiration and stunned outrage. Join in anywhere—it rules the Zeitgeist.

My particular take on it is that Obama has positioned himself right where he was four years ago—as the symbol of hope and the prospect of positive change. He became the first black U.S. president, and if you want to talk about negatives associated with focusing on that go right ahead, but I can still well up with the feelings of pride and hope and possibilities that I had as I watched the Inauguration. And I think I always will.

Now Obama is the first sitting president to proclaim that gay people deserve all the rights and protections as straight people. They deserve to have their place in society recognized and honored. President Obama has joined the ranks of Lincoln and Kennedy—US presidents who, historically and courageously, did the right thing although it was the risky thing. Obama has brought us to "Hope," once again; and once again, that's going to get the vote out.

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