22 May 2012

Party On, Old Man. Hell Ain't Half Full.

My dad is convalescing from surgery in a hospital in Zanesville, OH.

You may have heard of Zanesville in the media. Try googling national news articles with dateline Zanesville and search terms such as, "rare and exotic animals," "running loose down the highway," and "the other baboon was presumed eaten by one of the big cats."

Back to Dad, whom I like to call "Hail Fellow, Well Met." Yeah, Dad "never met a stranger." Which can suck if you're with him.

In the hospital now, he would like attention and sympathy all 'round. He says to me, "No, I don't want you to feel like you have to fly here. I just can't swallow or eat or drink. And I can't lift my left arm. Wait, I think my vision's going. But only come if you want to. It would be okay."

He sounds like this:

But in the background, it sounds like this:

The upshot? I struggled with The Negotiator for a good 40 minutes, and my flight is tomorrow at 5 a.m. Yes, 5. The Negotiator always gets the last laugh....

Count on a few posts from
Zanesville in the next week—
and of course watch for news articles!


  1. My yardstick has always been whether or not law enforcement becomes involved.