25 May 2012

Zanesville Attractions, #3 in a series

Big! Muskie!

This is what turned much of the
landscape around Zanesville, OH, 
into what you see in the picture.

It's a fish!  It's a... digging machine kind of thing... maybe? Ha, no. Now it's just a bucket that goes on a digging machine kind of thing that rips the tops off mountains.

This bucket o' tetanus is the part that Zanesville wants to "preserve." 
I look into the future... and see... lawsuits on Zanesville's horizon.

"Remember the Walking Giant"®

That's the official name of the group that supports the preservation of this admittedly
large, rusted metal, dirt bucket. Recently "She" was moved to a "permanent memorial site"
closer to town.  The thing weighs 230 tons. 

It destroyed an ecosystem, a dark-green ancient forest, and the
economic underpinnings of a century-old culture. Yet they "honor" it in a county
where families are living in abandoned houses, stores, and post offices.

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