18 May 2012

Okay, Tapu returns. Done with that. I thought I was too down to write anymore, but shallow creature that I am, it didn't last long.

See, it was just that... I lost my girlfriend recently. We had been having a lot of discord over her drinking. I don't drink and I just can't enjoy myself around someone who is drunk half the time.

Anyway, we were at a party together. She got really drunk and was screaming at me, and then she ran out of the house. I caught up to her at the car. I swear, I begged her not to drive.

I tried to get the keys away but she fought me tooth and nail. She got in the car and got it started and there wasn't anything I could do to make her stop. So I shot her.

She was really a sweetheart and I still miss her, but I think I'm ready to start posting again.

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